Suboxone for loratab withdrawls.


Hi guys im new here. Heres my background. For the last 8 years ive taken pain pills recreationally. Its always been my drug of choice. For the longest id just take them on weekends while my friends got drunk or smoked weed or whatever. It wasnt until a year ago ( I took one at work and realized how much better my sales got) I started taking them daily. So today I take anywhere from 4-6 5/500mg daily. Basically I want to go back to just using on weekends or whenever. Shits getting too expensive but everytime I stop I start having withdrawls 12 hours after my last pill. So I got some 8mg/2mg suboxone film strips. I wanted to just take those for a few days or a week to get over the physical WDs. Any advice on best way to dose this? Thanks.

At the dose you are using the hydro I would not suggest using the Suboxone at all.

Maybe since you have the strips already you could take like 1/16th (.5mg) of a strip after you start to feel the withdrawal (12-24hrs in) and then another 32nd a day or two later to help you through the hardest part but then again this may only prolong what would be a very mild detox.

Suboxone is some much stronger than the hydro dose you are currently taking that you risk picking up a much harder habit to kick.

Your best bet is to cut you dose by a pill a week tell you are down to 1 pill a day then ½ a pill a day for another week and then just throw them away. You should feel little to no withdrawal that way.

Just skip the sub though.

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What he said. Suboxone will knock you on your ass if you’re used to only 30mg of Hydrocodone. You’ll realize how much better and more potent subs are, and then get hooked on those instead of Lortab. Suboxone is for hardcore opiate users and heroin addicts.

Don’t get sucked into that mess. Just taper off the Lortab gradually.


What they ^^ both said.

If you took an 8mg sub after only using 20-30mg hydrocodone per day, you’d probably be vomiting for a good portion of the following 24 hours.

If the withdrawals are too uncomfortable (which is surprising at your doses), I’d look in to loperamide which is readily available and easily titrated. Search around for more information on using loperamide for withdrawal/detox and feel free to PM me if you have any questions.


Thanks for the advice and I fucked up, I meant 10/500 not 5mgs. Not sure if that changes much. Id say average 50mgs of hydrocodone a day, wekkends a little more. Yeah I mean ive tried before cold turkey and I just cant do it with my job and I work 6 days a week. And you are right I tried half a strip a couple hours ago and since it I had just got to work and wasnt able to get any cets before work,it was almost 24 hours since my last pill so I was feelin shitty and was not looking forward to the 12hr shift. So I figured might as well start now. Well I was gonna do 1/4 but ended doing 1/2 the film. So first all my aches went away which was awesome, then I felt high, like I use to feel taking a couple cets at once, but then I started throwing up and I can barely keep my eyes open. I mean I knew I wasnt taking that much opiates compared to some but still damn. So any advice please


A whole 8mg Suboxone is still way too much. I would start with 1mg or so and see where you are from that point.


I don’t think you need the subs at all. Tapering off is the best way to go. A while back I was in a similar situation. I was taking 8 10mg hydro like clock work every 4 hrs. I did this for almost a year. I had to quit so I just tapered down. It was a fairly quick taper. I can remember the leg pain/muscle pain was almost unbearable for a couple of days. I didn’t have anything to take except for a couple of klonopin that I took for two nights to help me sleep. I used a heating pad on my upper legs. That was it. Overall it sucked but was not near as bad compared to other w/d I have experienced. I only missed one day of work. I was scared to death because of what other people had told me & things I had read. It was nowhere near that bad. You don’t want to turn around & w/d off the subs which could be much worse. Just taper down, it isn’t near as bad as you are thinking.