Suboxone question!


Hi. I’ve been in recovery for almost five months now from a heroin addiction and I’ve been doing really well, but I wanna get high, just once.

I was on the suboxone pills until last week when my doctor prescribed me 8mg/2mg suboxone films. I’ve been taking suboxone for the full five months, but up until last week I didn’t get the full dosage because I wasn’t letting the pill dissolve (hence why my doctor put me on films). So I guess my question would be… can I get high? And if not, how long would it be before I was able to get high?

I’m sure this has been asked a million times, but every situation is different.

Hey staceyyyy, welcome to Bluelight!

You can take a regular opiate (a full agonist such as heroin, morphine, oxycodone, etc) after dosing the Suboxone but it probably won’t feel as good as a regular hit. Depending on what dosage of Suboxone (buprenorphine) you’re on, the full agonist opiate you’re taking may or may not be able to “punch through” to your receptors.

If you really want to get high than you have to stop taking the Suboxone first. Wait at least 48 hours after your last Suboxone dose.

However, you will have to then wait again before you can dose your Suboxone again.

You’ve been in recovery for five months, I would be careful using H again.

From the Suboxone Megathread v12 (

Q: Can I still get high on other opiates if I’m on bupe?
A: This depends on what dose of bupe you’re on. You will most likely be able to shoot through a low dose of bupe (1-2mgs). Though some might be able to expect the full effects of the opiate you’re shooting through with, it is often only partially felt for many people. Even at higher doses, if you take enough of the opiate you may feel it. This is not recommended, as you may overdose before reaching the desired recreational effects. It is better to wait until bupe is no longer effecting you, or to stick the course with bupe treatment.


go ahead and do it, but only if youre 100% sure that youre not guna get back on it.
its ok to get a high every here and there, you just gotta know how to control it.
keep doin what youre doin, and stay clean.


I’m going to close this thread as there is a ton of information on Suboxone all over BL. The link NeighborhoodThreat gave you is a good start. You can also use the search function ( and search for more on Suboxone.