The RC benzo taper thread


*DISCLAIMER* I’m not a medical professional and none of the posts in this thread, including this OP, should be taken as medical advice. Benzo/thienodiazepine withdrawal can be extremely dangerous and lead to seizures and even death. PLEASE seek professional advice if you feel you may be in danger. I didn’t create this thread as a guide, but rather a place to discuss experiences and successful/unsuccessful approaches to tapering using RC benzos. If you’re unfamiliar with proper tapering methods, I suggest searching the Ashton Manual. Tapering under medical supervision is generally seen as the ideal way to go from an HR standpoint, but for those of us who are stuck with the internet only, here’s this thread.

So that aside, please share your current benzo situation and how you’re going about your taper; what you find works best to taper, what has had negative consequences on your taper, and tips regarding RC benzo tapering in general.

I’ll start- I’m currently tapering with etizolam. At the beginning, I was on 2mg clonazolam (minimum) or around 6-8mg etizolam, but initially found it easy to stick to 5-6mg etizolam. I’ve since been able to drop down to 4-5mg etizolam, but have found that at this point, I already need to drop in smaller increments (.5mg as opposed to 1mg) or else I experience some uncomfortable symptoms. I plan to switch go diclazepam at one point, which seems like an ideal drug because it is effective but lacks any real recreational effects, plus it’s long lasting and I find it easy to function on.

RC’s I’ve tried to substitute etizolam that I would NOT recommend:

clonazolam (seems obvious, I know)- terrible rebound anxiety despite the supposedly long half-life, it’s like the crack of the benzo world. My tolerance skyrocketed from .5mg to 2mg just to stay comfortable(ish) within a week or so! Stay away from this one.

deschloroetizolam- I think my dose ended up being too high, but this one was just too difficult to function on, very sedating but also long lasting and not very potent. Though due to its rarity, I doubt it’d be a popular taper choice anyway.

flubromazepam- I’ve seen this one recommended often for tapering. It lasts an incredibly long time, I woke up feeling like I had just dosed and remained fairly messed up all day. It has very strong sedative/hypnotic and muscle relaxant properties. IMO, could be an ok taper drug but it was awful for me when it came to functioning, so it was a no-go.

So far, etizolam has been my go-to, but I don’t like the short duration and rebound depression. It was hard to function at first but this quickly improved so it’s now my go-to until my tolerance is low enough for diclazepam.

Those as of you with a high tolerance, when did you find that you could jump down to less potent benzos and how you felt doing so? My personal goal is to taper as safely and slowly as possible, but again, this thread is for everyone going through an RC benzo taper! Your perspective and advice will help many people, especially since RC benzo addictions are getting pretty common.

Thoughtful post/grand idea!

Not currently undergoing a taper (got off etizolam 6mg/day recently, however), but I’m going to chime in and +1 the inefficacy of deschloroetizolam in tapering; strangely unpredictable and disproportionately inebriating, ime.

I found that supplementing a taper with gabapentin to be supremely useful during the first few days of a given reduction in dosage. I got it Rx’d by informing my doctor of the RC benzo addiction and suggesting GBP for breakthrough RLS (the one withdrawal symptom that drives me batty), she was very accomodating despite being 1) anti pharma, and 2) aware of my addiction history.

Things that /really/ don’t work
Rebound symptoms from half a unit (American standard) that almost drove me to dose etizolam and mess up my taper

ED I realize this probably isn’t the information you’re looking for, but for anyone interested, CBD capsules are a useful tool for making those incremental drops a little bit easier.

Speed King

I had the pleasure of having a 2 mg etizolam, one time. I have had alprazolam, Clonazepam, diazepam, lorazepam, midazolam, triazolam (good stuff) and temazepam, that I remember. I am well versed in benzodiazepines.

I have not had the benifit of comparing all benzodiazepines with each other. However, based on my experience with common benzodiazepines, I must say that etizolam is a nice benzodiazepine. If done correctly, I feel it can be a nice taper medicine.

I must agree that CBD is a nice substance to use.