Tinnitus..what causes it for you, anything to help it?


Hey Guys,

So I had a majorly stressful life event about 1.5 years ago, don’t want to go into it, but lets just say I have a LOT to be anxious about.

Right around that time I started to notice tinnitus. It’s pretty much constant now.
Sometimes barely noticeable, other times it’s like a dull roar in my ear.
I don’t think I’m going deaf (on the younger side of 30 here), so I can rule that out.
I think it’s just straight stress that caused it.

Some things which make it worse:
-alcohol, on the come down/hangover
-weed (which is really a bummer, cuz I love every other aspect of it)

Some things which tame it:
-some sublingual valium
…that’s about it. and the valium HARDLY works, just turns it down a bit. anyone else suffer from tinnitus, and if so, what has worked for you?
I also have these drops called ring relief, some homeopathic mumbo jumbo, they do seem to work a bit, but leave my ears feeling like a greasy pizza.

try some otc shit…alot of herbal shit is supposed to help too