Took 8 year break. Need advice!


Hey guys I used to smoke very heavily for 5 years (8 years ago) and am thinking of trying it again. It’s legal here in CO so what the hell! Some questions I have is what to expect? I know some people that just shouldn’t smoke weed because they freak out, but I was never that way. My main concern is after taking that long of a break will I be one of those guys that freak out? I should also add that when I smoked it was mainly just swag. I know the stuff from today is much more potent. Should I be concerned about having a bad experience? What are things I can do to avoid a bad high? And is going in to smoking weed already concerned of a bad trip setting me up for a bad trip? Any tips will help! Thank

Welcome Ccollins!

I had to take a break from smoking cannabis due to the anxiety it produced – unfortunately once this begins it can quickly turn into a self fulfilling prophecy – if you are worried that you will feel bad the effect may magnify these feelings (as is it’s tendency – it’s really a set + setting dependant drug once these issues begging to manifest themselves.) Whether or not you will be able to move past this no one can say, but if you do ever try it again at least it is very easy to control ones dose – start off with incredibly small amounts, say a couple of drags on a joint, see how you feel (possibly quite stoned despite the small amount going on personal experience) and take it from there.

I had to ‘re – learn’ how to enjoy cannabis – for starters I found that It was more likely to induce a negative reaction if I just smoked it with no external stimulus to compliment the effect, I do not feel comfortable with the style and degree of introspection it provides, so now I only use it if I have some kind of audio / visual activity which would respond positively to the drugs effects (i.e, reading, music, cinema, video games etc).

It’s horses for courses and not everyone who falls out with this drug will ever be able to comfortably enjoy it again, but In my very specific situation I somehow managed top get past this and now, with some moderation (weekends only) enjoy the drug more that ever.

Welcome to Bluelight – I see you have been posting elsewhere all ready so it looks like you know your way around. Enjoy!


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You could always try a different ROA – edibles, vaping etc that produce a different high and may be more suitable until you can gauge how your going to react. We have a section about cannabis and you can find that here ( – you can simply just copy your message into a new thread if you cant find the information your looking for.

You could also try some different strains that produce a more relaxed high.