tramadol and flexeril (cyclobenzaprine)


Hey guys im going through some awesome Opana WD’s and am about to consider going to a Methadone clinic to make my life easier and getting it back on the road….

So before i do that as i have to wait till Monday for the new group to start i have to make it to monday. I have a bunch of Tramadol / Ambien/ Seroquel/ and flexeril (cyclobenzaprine).

On drug interactions online it said :

Tramadol with flexeril (cyclobenzaprine) is a “Major” interaction because the flexeril lowers the seizures tolerance while the Tramadol increases it. SO there are more chances of seizures. I ahve taken tramadol alot wiith opiates and without for WD’s and never suffered any issues escpecially no seizures or shakking. Do you think it would be okay to mix a mild mscle relaxer flexeril (cyclobenzaprine) with the tramadol???

Tramadol with flexeril (cyclobenzaprine) is a “Major” interaction because the flexeril lowers the seizures tolerance while the Tramadol increases it. Are you sure you read that correctly? I was under the impression that both drugs lower the seizure threshold. If you decide to try this combo, use the lowest possible doses you can.


If anyone has any ideas or experience with it would be appreciated. Im gonna add the 2 regardless just wanted to know some stories or any info you guys and gals had…

When it said Major Interactions it sighted older people / ongoing health problems/ and if u are prone to seizures…

I have taken anywhere from 400MG to 1.2G a day of Tramadol with no issue… so with that in mind can adding a few weeeeek muscle relaxers be that big of a deal? i just wanna feel somewhat normal and get some sleep any ideas??



oooo so the Tramadol lowers and so does the flexiril… got it now. so ive already done like 500MG of tram maybee ill only do a few flexiril… That soumd like a good idea?

Thanks for the info!


^sorry, I have never actually taken tramadol, so I can’t really comment on this. maybe someone else will chime in on this for you.

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Do not mix tramadol with flexeril! The seizure risk is very fucking real and since cyclobenzaprine is a tricyclic and i believe does some norepinephrine reuptake inhibition it will also interact with the anti-depressant properties of tramadol. Tramadol is along with being a very weak opioid a serotonin norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor so mixing both together is fucking asking for it in my opinion. I would never mix the 2 granted i hate both of those drugs anyway. So nay on the mixing of tramadol and cyclobenzaprine.

As for the other drugs mixing it with ambien will increase CNS depression and mixing it with seroquel carries a seizure risk as well and also added CNS depression. So i would highly advise against mixing the tram with seroquel either. Since flexeril is a anti-cholinergic and seroquel also has some mild anti-cholinergic effects though mostly carries anti-histamine side effects (this is what gives seroquel it’s knock out effect and the increased appetite) mixing the 2 drugs could result in delirium and at the very least very unpleasant side effects. Also both flexeril and seroquel lower the seizure threshold so again the seizure risk comes into play.


^ please listen to what pa said.

You may see cyclobenzaprine and/or tramadol as “weeeeek” or whatever but that doesn’t stop them both from inhibiting reuptake of serotonin and norepinephrine. Lots of people on here have taken massive doses of tramadol several times and have been fine but then did it again and had a seizure. Its truly not worth the risk and if its so “weeeeek” anyway, why is it worth it to you to greatly increase the danger for such little benefit?


okay so i will stay with just Tramadol and ambien thanks fr the input guys.


honestly just tram and ambien is what i will take i can make it with those 2


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You’re certainly making the right decision to not risk combining them.


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Don’t mix those two, and FYI Flexril is the strongest muscle relax on the market. You may not think so because it does not cause a buzz like soma but its effects on muscles are stronger. The whole point of asking for advice on BL is harm reduction. If your gonna do what you want anyways why ask? These people take the time out to tell you something so you may reduce harm to yourself and you say Im gonna do it anyway. Just take tramadol 2 at a time and then the ambien to sleep. You can make it with that. No matter what you do your not going to feel normal. The idea is to be as comfortable as you can without causing undo harm to yourself and mixing those two drugs surely can cause harm or even death.