vicodin little effect


i have no opiate tolerance

took 4x 5/500’s this morning on an empty stomach
dosed at 7:30, began to feel at 7:55

lasted with a mild buzz for ~2 hours

not much euphoria, no real “warm” feeling, mostly just a desire to sleep

was it too little? i read 20mgs should be more than enough for a newbie
should i have eaten a fatty meal? i read mixed reviews on that

That sounds about right for 20mgs of hydro. Not everyone loves the opiate experience and when dealing with lower doses of less potent ones the effects are more subtle as well. If you want to try a stronger dose it’s fine but don’t keep dosing expecting to find any mdma type euphoric effects or you’ll end up out cold first 🙂


Do you take any other drugs? I have found that psychedelics can have some effect on other narcotics. Also, you just may have a natural high tolerance because if I would have taken 4 (5/500’s)my first time, I would have been taken to the hospital for overdose but thats just me because I was very sensitive to opiates at the begining.


Some people also have a naturally high tolerance to opiates. There are many factors (some of them not understood) that lead to this.

The experience you described sounds like my first few times taking opiates, I guess “euphoria” is subjective…


The first time you do opiates can be a bit weird. My first time with Oxy was percs. I took 4 x 5/325 and waited an hour, felt nothing. Then I took 2 x 5/325 and ended up laying on my deck in my shorts (it was late November and cold) trying to cool down, while throwing my guts up.

The next time I dosed I used Oxy IRs, and went with 25mg (5 x 5mg) and it was fucking bliss. Sorry for the strong adjective but it’s the only way to describe it. I immediately understood the draw, and danger of oxycodone.


I always get some weed for when I’m on opiates, it potentiates it so much more. Does this happen with anyone else?


20 mg is ballsack..and hydro sucks imo…never tried pot and opiates…and considering im a pothead its odd..but i dont like to mix anything with pot…i just get too high off the pot and it makes any other high not as good


Only take a few hits, u shud consider trying it I don’t do opiates without it