vyvanse IV’ing


I have a 50mg vyvanse pill. It has powder in the capsule. Can you IV this? I love to IV adderall but I’m not sure how to go about the process with one of these. Any help will be much appreciated!

no, you can’t.

For information on why not, read about vyvanse.


Vyvanse works differently than other ADD medicines/amphetamines. It was explained to my by my doctor as have a protein attached to it’s chemical structure that is broken off through digestion, then and only then is it active. From what I understand you can’t even really snort vyvanse and achieve an affect of any note. Oral administration is the way to go.


no, definitely do not do this. vyvanse is a pro-drug of d-amp and before it can be absorbed into your blood stream, it has to cleaved by the liver. and note, vyvanse is NOT absorbed in the stomach so tums/baking soda potentiation do not affect absorption whatsoever


You cannot IV Vyvanse. It is a prodrug. IVing it will provide no benefit.

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