Weed + Zopiclone


is it good? is it gonna fuck me up like it would if i mixed the zop with alcohol?

It will be a different high than mixing it with alcohol. I think the combo is good, its safe and it makes the high a little trippier.


sounds pretty far out, i’d give it a go.

Psychedelic Jay

Sounds completely safe.

Just don’t dose too high with the zopiclone.


I’ve tried weed + zopiclone. It equals grrreat. If it were me, I would leave out of the equation for sure.


weed + ANY drug = ahfuckingmazing!!! except for alcohol, i just get the spins! but literally i love weed on everything else….opiates, stims, psychedelics, dissociatives, benzos, and other GABAerics like lyrica and gabapentin…i love lyrica with a nice bowl of weed, and they are both my only daily habits


You’re mixing two drugs together that both tend to make you feel sleepy, what do you think will be the result?

These are easy questions that making a thread for is just not worth it. Since you got your answer, I am closing it.