Weight of Bags of Dope (Heroin)


How much dope (weight in mg.) comes in a bag of dope (or stamp or “blow” or wrap or capsule) in your hood?

Rochester, NY: The small plastic bags of tan dope that 90% of Rochester dopeheads are used to seeing when they get dope usually contain between 40mg and 75mg of dope. These are the Clinton-area gangs bags (however rarely someone will set up over there selling either unstamped or stamped wax bags usually at the same price but are often bigger/better…)
I never weighed my dope when I used to get a lot more West side, Jefferson area stamped or unstamped wax, slightly bigger and more expensive bags. I’d say some were anywhere from 50% to 100% bigger, depending. It seems that though its rare either way, the West siders have some white, fentanyl-y dope more occasionally than the East side

I was simply curious as to what actual amount of heroin (obviously adulterated to widely varying degrees, but lets just say the contents of the bag regardless) people get in a bag of dope.

I know price can’t be discussed here so…that kind of sucks in terms of showing eachother whats what but there are basically 3 standard size (prices) you ever see per bag as far as I know. So lets just say either “low” , “mid” or “upper”(d-word….) price bags. Feel free to include any comments as to color, quality, consistency, packaging.

P.S. I don’t mean grams or half grams or 1/4 grams or anything like that which people might be able to score in their market, (lucky fucks, it is EXTREMELY difficult to find gram+ amts of unbagged dope, but rather increasingly large amounts of bundles/bricks at better prices…) and I also don’t mean Tar heroin, rather POWDER. I didn’t get the chance when I was out in Hawaii to try any and I’m on the east coast, but I’m aware that tar is usually sold in fractions of grams or grams.

generally between 65-100mg of powder comes in the dope we have here in Miami.. how much of that is actual heroin is beyond me


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I though that they were supposed to contain .1g-.2g of product…..how much of that is actualy heroin idk.


Supposed to contain 100mg but thats in an ideal world. there is a thread about this in drug culture


the smallest bag ive seen had 70mg and the biggest was like 140mg. Usually stays in between .8 and .12


supposed to b a point tho….


The bags I got in rochester were a little smaller than the ones I’d get from the bronx or bridgeport. I’d get .06-.08 from the clinton area.
But that being said quantity and quality are 2 very different things.


Brooklyn bags are 60- 80mgs and paterson are like 20-40mgs


$10 for .1g is the golden standard. you get what you pay for though, ie a 20 dollar bag is usually going to be .2g. one thing to consider is how far you live from the city. if you live in the sticks the price is 2-2.5 times more as people have to drive in to cop and the supply is less in the immediate area.


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