When your on hydrocodone..


do you get easily bored with what your doing? i havnt done it that much but when i do i tend to get bored with what im doing fast. like if im playing a video game i get bored after like 10 minutes, same with watching a certain show ill feel the need to change it alot as well as with listening to music. is this common or just me?

I was just like you when I first started to do Hydrocodone. First 2 months I would get bored easily with movies & even talking on bluelight while high in Hydros. It eventually goes away & you become more relaxed with what you are doing &/or watching on tv.


I get easily bored of the lifestyle anymore


Weird… I was always pretty much bored with what i’m doing but when I’m on hydrocodone it makes me super interested in everything, even things like home decoration, feline psychology and the lifestyle of ants. When not on hydrocodone I could care less about such things…


Opiates make everything better duh.

Im bored as shit when not high.

Are you saying while high on hydro you want to go running or go on a bike ride or something?


There comes a point when It just gets boring, trust me. Not to say I still don’t crave the shit, I just got my card to use them revoked a long time ago


coming up on hydro is the best but it quickly fades

Dr Rxpert

I loved the warm euphoria from hydro but i have to take a lot of it to get that way being on oxycodone as well


Ill download a TV series and jus watch that for like 3 hours until it passes


id have to agree with hebb22 the novelty of opiates does eventually(doing different ones slows this down) ware off and your left with only a addiction.
And to answer your question olab7 ya same thing happens to me, but only on the “come down” lol. i get really neurotic and ocd and plain just cant enjoy anything.


I feel too good that it makes my boredom go away.


Yeah I really don’t feel bored or amused. I usually just sit in a chair and feel good but forget I’m even doing anything. Like I will just stare at the wall cause I just zoned out but then I snap out of it and go back to whatever I was doing before.


For me opiates, including hydrocodone make everything more interesting. I can stay on the same subject for a long period of time and be fascinated or at least feeling content. It makes work enjoyable…for awhile because once you become dependent then nothing really matters, your just chasing a high and worrying about your next fix or dose. How your going to get it, when your going to get it, how much your going to take. Making sure that your always on it to avoid being sick. But at first it seems to make everything more enjoyable.


When I am on an opiate, being bored doesn’t compute with my brain. Every activity I am doing…watching a movie, playing music, listening to music, games, baby making 🙂 is enhanced by the smooth opiate feeling. The only thing that makes me bored on opiates is when I nod off for too long and miss a movie I paid twenty dollars to see.


I’ve nodded off from plenty of movies I paid good money to see. Thanx in part to the benzos I took with them.


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