Why do all stimulants cause vasoconstriction and high BPM


This may seem stupid, but why do all stimulants seem to cause vasoconstriction and high Heart Rate, surely stims like mdma or methylone that just work mainly on serotonin, shouldnt do this?

Im not too clued up on how dopamine and serotonin effect the heart etc, im wondering if someone could explain this to me? Is there anything to counter the vasoconstrictive effects, to produce less harmful effects on the heart.


Because most/all stimulant drugs (excluding caffeine and a few others) act on norepinephrine, usually increasing the amount in the synapse. Norepinephrine triggers some of the physiological changes seen in flight-or-flight responses, like racing thoughts and high blood pressure, because it acts in the heart to increase cardiac output, constricts blood vessels, and increases the rapidity of thought. (Dopamine does too, but norepinephrine is more important for the purpose of this discussion.) Action at certain serotonin receptors can also produce vasoconstriction, and is the reason for both ergotism and very large bromo-dragonfly doses becoming lethal.

Mephedrone, methylone and MDMA all have a very significant dopamine and norepinephrine component to them that explains the difference in “experiences” between MDxx and, say, a SSRI or MDAI. Methylone is actually more effective as a norepinephrine releaser than MDMA.

Usually heart damage is only seen with long-term stimulant usage (due to high blood pressure), bad injection habits (heart infections and so on) or drugs that are directly toxic to the heart (cocaine, fenfluramine).

The best way to counter vasoconstriction is avoiding taking too much vasoconstrictor in the first place. Eating spicy foods can help too as capsacin is a vasodialator.


Idk man but probobly cuz they STIMULATE the central nervious system, meaning making it more alert or STIMULATED lol


Great answer seiko 🙂

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I’m partly repeating what seiko is saying but stimulant induced vasoconstriction is caused by mainly the release of norepinephrine into synapses in the sympathetic nervous system.

Thought I’d add that Antihistamines (such as diphenhydramine which is used as an OTC sleep aid) are also vasoconstrictors by way of histamine antagonism.


I heard that alcohol is also a vasodilator, but ONLY in low doses. In higher doses, it is a vasoconstrictor. Advil is also a vasodilator. When you get a hangover after a long night of drinking (remember too much alcohol causes vasoconstriction) and then take some Advil, the Advil will act as a vasodilator and help the pain. I would like to see someone with more experience throw in their two cents about counteracting the effects of vasoconstriction while under the influence of MDPV (Bath Salts). I would not recommend anyone drinking or taking pills while on this drug, but I would like to help anyone in pain who has taken this drug and seen its after-effects. I would certainly wait for other people with more knowledge to chime in before trying any of this.