why does this coke i have cook up red


why does this coke i have cook up red? It is 90-95 percent pure.


Not sure if this is allowed.


a. how do you know its 90-95% pure?
b. if you have such information, how do you not know what the other 5-10% is?
c. sounds like its cut.

paranoid android

How the hell could you know the exact purity of the coke? Also getting cocaine that pure for the average person outside of south america is exceedingly rare.

Id say some kinda water soluble cut but without testing it we can’t speculate on how bad it could be. Also please read up on the dangers of IV coke use and a cut that’s been going around in alot of cocaine in the northern US that is very dangerous. You can look it up in other drugs i think.


You have NO way of knowing the purity of the coke, and I severely doubt it’s 90-95% pure…even the best you can get is still 80% at MAX.

It sounds like a cut that’s turning it red, I don’t believe the cut paranoid android is referring to (levamisole? deworming stuff basically) turns red, although I could be wrong. Anyway, we don’t allow threads that result in endless speculation, so this is Closed.

PM a BDD mod or even another OD mod if you have further questions, but we don’t do substance IDs or speculation.