Wild lettuce- what should i do with it?


Hi i recently bought ~125 HBWR seeds and they gave me 5 free grams of wild lettuce and i don’t have enough patience to extract it over a couple days so: is there a way to use it recreationaly without a lengthy extraction? could i smoke it straight out of a pipe or would that kill my lungs? Tea? thanks

It won’t get you high…not like an opioid.

I would use it, if you do, to boost the effects of classical opioids….the contents of this plant, appear to be enkephalinase inhibitors..not mu-opioid receptor agonists.


Seems like a good candidate for BDD… either way, not appropriate for OD.



You should do nothing with it. It is not an opiate and will not get you high.


You should do nothing with it. It is not an opiate and will not get you high.

i was looking around the internet and saw people make some opium-like black stuff out of it, But if it wont work i guess ill store it away untill i can find a use for it


Have done some research on this in the past when I was a bit desperate and concluded that it was not really worth it. It seems there are conflicting reports all over the place, although there are some positive reports of a very very mild opiate like high, moreso when smoked that made into a tea. The majority of people do not really have much luck with it.

I would encourage you to read as many of the trip reports on Erowid about Wild Lettuce and make up your own mind from those.

Lactuca spp. Reports (also L. virosa, L. canadensis, Wild Lettuce, Opium Lettuce) (http://www.erowid.org/experiences/subs/exp_Lactuca_spp.shtml)


You could find other wild greens like asparagus and dandelion and have a wild salad.


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