Zopiclone with Alcohol


3, 7.5mg pills followed by a beer. Problem?

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3, 7.5mg pills followed by a beer. Problem?
Probably asking for amnesia, although it would depend on many factors, such as your tolerance to the pills, your regular ETOH intake, etc. But, to error on the side of caution, stick with one or the other, or start out smaller.

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I happen to have something not dissimilar planned tonight, so….

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p.s. I assume you survived without major incident?


Amnesia 100% for me
Yesterday i took 7 beers , and 3 hours later i ate 4 x 7.5mg of zopiclone ..
30 minutes later , i felt very smooth .. and .. BANG .. Blackout !!
i don’t remember anything … (after the zopiclone start)
i slept like 12hours ..
Not so fun drug with alcool , it’s more like blackout on ghb

And i think it’s very dangerous if you smoke cigarettes at home with this combo.


And i think it’s very dangerous if you smoke cigarettes at home with this combo.
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care to elaborate? are you referring to a fire a dropped cig might cause?


^Or it falling on you and burning you. I know an addict who shot a whole bunch of H and nodded out with a cig in his hand, it burnt all the way down while resting on his leg, and he didn’t feel it… hard to imagine…8(


^^^yuck, imagine the infection

3 zopiclone?????thats enough to knock me out, and a beer to top it off would just make me pass out faster.

iv never tried this combo but i might pop a couple zopiclones the next time a get a few drinks just to get more kick into my liquor buzz.


Last night I had 2x 7.5mgs and a shot of whiskey.

Pretty much a blackout.


I did this with 9 beers and woke up in the middle of the ghetto in south St. Petersburg in the middle of the road having just been hit by a car. It WILL make you black out and possibly walk around while blacked out, I don’t recommend it.

This is all true. No broken bones thank god, but a hell of a scary experience.


My local customs and excise officer wanted to know if it’d be safe to take a 3.75mg pill after 2 cans of budweiser?

Bell Ringer

hopefully nothing too bad…


once I did this combination with zolpidem + alcohol, blacked out, and ended up telling my dad at 4 in the morning that green space aliens had taken over my room


Is there a cross tolerance with these z-type drugs and regular benzos?

I’d never taken a z-drug besides zolpidem a few years ago but my benzo tolerance is quite high and I have to take like 30 – 50mg zopiclone atleast to feel drowsy (new insomnia med been using just recently).

I’m hoping there is a cross tolerance, just to know my insomnia isn’t actually that bad.


Is there a cross tolerance with these z-type drugs and regular benzos?

From my experience, yes. I have heard this from others as well but never had any solid info.


It seems there is from my experience too. I could not possibly have a natural tolerance this high to the z-drug type variety. Definite cross tolerance imo.

Quite annoying actually.


i have taken 15mg of zopiclone and am drinking vodka and have cocodamol what can i expect?


^^^^ To not remember anything starting ~45hr after drinking, and doing really stupid shit before passing it in a strange place in a strange position.


^Or it falling on you and burning you. I know an addict who shot a whole bunch of H and nodded out with a cig in his hand, it burnt all the way down while resting on his leg, and he didn’t feel it… hard to imagine…8(
i know the addict who burnt his hand with a cig to the bone,and felt nothing nodding.something like that with cigs did happen 2 me


I was on 2x5mg of Zopiclone for about a couple of weeks once. On one occasion I drank a beer (Slowly, 4,5%, 0,5l in roughly 45min) without thinking. There were really no side effects at all apart from what I regularly get with zopiclone except for the last 10min before going to bed being a bit hard to remember.

I can imagine some of the 3×7,5mg plus several beers combo mentioned above might end up with black out.


depends on tolerance. No tolerance to zop plus booze WILL have you falling all over the place & blacking out. Tolerance, you’ll probably just feel tired. Either way you’ll feel shit next day. They are two drugs that just don’t mix well in my experience.

As for the cig thing, if you’re alone at home in possible pass-out mode, smoke hand-rolling tobacco. Unlike tailor-mades they just go out if you stop actively smoking em.


Zopiclone and alcohol may very well lead to you spending an hour or two over a toilet. Other than that and the amnesia, no real problems.


Also there’s a cross tolerance issue that needs taking into consideration with both the other Z drug-zolpidem & benzo’s in general. Thats just my opinion tho, but I’d still advise extreme caution with zop & booze whatever else you might be taking.

Zopiclone is good with opiates in small amounts, but again thats just my experience.


Zopiclone is the best sleep aid I’ve tried so far. Good nights rest imo & apparently it doesn’t have the same negative effect on sleep quality like other benzos do. Absolute drag about that mettalic tongue tast tho; i drank water last time i took zimovane & i shit u not it tasted like vinegar mixed with sand!


I Started to take Zopiclone (7.5mm Tablets obtained from the net as my Doctors & contacts refused to give me these pills and warned of what could happened if mixed with aclohol). I suffer from tinitus in my left ear which was causeing sleep deprevation (hence the pills). I do tend to drink a lot of alcohol during the day so this mix wasn’t the greatest idea I’ve ever had.

I am 38 years old, male (85kg), pretty healthy and strong.

I strongly do NOT recommend taking these pills for any duration over a week and certainly not even considering alcohol for the next two weeks afterwoods.

I was taking one 7.5mm pill nightly and drinking average amounts of Wine, Cider and Beer during the daytime

After a month of this mix woke at 04:30 last week with extreme tremours and hot cold body temp fluctuations. forehead and face looked like hell, almost toxic and alergenic. I knoew something was very wrong. I hadn’t taking any pillls for over five day but was still drinking daily.

08:00, I called my doctor who was not much help at all and told me to go to Emergency and make some sugared black tea in the meantime

I made a tea and started to walk to my front room, I WOKE UP AN HOUR LATER ON MY BACK AND STARING AT THE CEILINE, I had collapsed and covered in tea, my back hurt like hell and I had a golfball sized lump on my left arm (from I guess from hitting the TV stand). If it had been my head that hit that solid wood stand I would be DEAD (no if’s or buts about it).

I was shortly in hospital Emergency with a fractured Back and on Oxygen. I then went into
complete arrest and had what they are calling a seizure FOR OVER HALF HOUR. It was close.

I have no previous seizure history and have never fainted or passed out EVER.

Zopiclone are fabulous tablets to assist sleep (apart from the metalic aftertaste) but DO NOT DRINK ANY ACLOHOL with them if you have been taking them for over a week.

I hope this helps somebody and stop anyone getting hurt.

If you want anymore advice about these tablets PM on naj01@live.co.uk


I strongly do NOT recommend taking these pills for any duration over a week and certainly not even considering alcohol for the next two weeks afterwoods.

two weeks afterwards? – that’s ridiculous. the issue here is acute interaction. if you were unlucky, you’d have an immediate blackout, but only for the duration of the drugs’ effects. I’ve taken zopiclone at the conclusion of many a bender without any problems, but strictly at 10mg (i.e. one pill).

in fact, I’m considering some soon. I’ve been drinking heavily for 10 hours now, and intermittently for 48 hours prior to that (amphetamine binge) and I really need to sleep now. I take zopiclone regularly (around 1 out of every 3 nights) and appear to have some degree of tolerance (maybe that’s my saving grace).

but fingers crossed – I’ve never taken the medicine after drinking this large an amount. hopefully I’ll report back later to offer my experience… assuming I remember. either way, I expect things to be fine, especially considering my only obligation tomorrow is a heavy metal show at 8 PM 🙂


DO NOT under any circumstances mix zopiclone. It is acute interaction so sobering up or leaving it a day before having zopiclone after getting pissed should be fine. Im normally quite reckless with taking things and making what might sound like stupid combos and clearly survived it. I normally wouldnt discourage for example stimulants mixed with sedatives but trust me the only two i will avoid like the plague is alcohol + GHB or alcohol + zopiclone.
I would place more emphasis on the second since with GHB you tend to pass out, zopiclone gives you a dangerous black out but for some reason one (well at least I) wont pass out – just blessed with complete amnesia.

The other day for example, got some zopiclone in the post. I had a couple of beers but didnt think anything of it. I spent 2 hours on skype after swallowing 3. I can remember the first 15 minutes but the rest never formed in my memory. This is scary for 2 reasons
1. the next day i found that 10 x 7.5mg had vanished PLUS 8 x 50 mg nytols. i therefore had no recollection of taking 15 pills!
2. there was blood on my floor and cuts on my fingers – i hadnt left my room thank god.
I some how managed to have a very sloppy and hilarious conversation with my mate but he couldnt quite believe that it was me he was talking to on skype. litterally forgetting what i was saying half way through sentence.

I would conclude therefore that zopiclone lets your body and brain function but completely cuts off your memory and rational or logical thought – if you dont fall asleep.
And whats worse? I woke up feeling fine but completely unaware that i was still completely spaced out. slurring all my words, could barely walk and its only through looking at the evidence that i figured out what it did to me.

Incidentally i recall the feeling being quite euphoric and not conducive to sleep AT ALL! hence why i continued taking them and i assume started on the nytol as well.


I actually really like the recreational feeling zopiclon gives me.


On The Menu Tonight: x3-7.5 Zopiclon, 1 Good quality 10mg Valium (could be 20mg though im not sure i just found it in my cupobard) bout to drink 2 litres of 5.3% Cider and throw in another x2-7.5 Zopies!

Any Saftey issues?!